Get your professional logo design from the "top logo design company" based in Johannesburg.

Logo design, also known as identity design is the face to your company and has the ability to speak to your consumer, employees, suppliers and share holders. A great brand is more than just a logo design, it is a promise. What comes to mind when you think of the apple icon or the Nike swoosh? Need we say more!

"You only get one chance to make that first impression, what does your corporate image say about your company."
Brandon Barnard


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Great website design is the most crucial way of positioning yourself or your company online. Creating web responsive websites that resize dynamically to your screen is the smart choice for any company both big and small.

Great website design can make or break your company online, it is truly first impressions of design and function online that mean the difference between booking that hotel room, buying those movies tickets, going with that pool company.


Great website design starts with understanding our client's business and needs. What do they want out of the website design, what is the website's form and function.

At Agent Orange Design we do not create great web design, but also empower our clients through a easy to use (web made easy 123) content management system.


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