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Music with Mario Campaign


Music with Mario and Friends approached us with a task to target a wide range of people from different age groups who would be interested to learn how to play the piano or guitar. We came up with personas covering various music genres as when someone wants to learn an instrument they usually want to learn how to play music from their favourite genre. This made our campaign relatable and memorable.

We tackled this exciting task by creating a campaign that will target young viewers on social media platforms like Instagram not forgetting the older generation who will most likely be on the road more by placing adverts on street poles and billboards.

Powered by Agent Orange Design, Directed & Produced by Brandon Barnard Photography.


Our goal was to ensure various age groups and music genres were depicted through the use of unique models and their styling.


With such a vast targetted audience these photographs were sure to relate to the market.







The Shoot



Outdoor Application

street pole advertising

It's all about the most impact you can make in the shortest space of time.


Bold colours ensure that these adverts will pop out amongst the noise in the real world. With each image targetting a separate audience and music genre.


Pairing up young and old, and depicting both piano and guitar translated the message across clearly and precisely.

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