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Illustrative Logo Design

sunfire illustrative logo design

Sunfire Energy

Energy Soft Drink

Illustrative Logo Design

The logo's fiery imagery and vibrant color palette effectively convey the energy and intensity associated with an energy drink, creating an immediate visual association with power and vitality. The dynamic, italicized font adds a sense of motion and excitement, aligning well with the product's purpose to energize and invigorate its consumers.


Chicken Twist

Fast Food Restaurant

Illustrative Logo Design

The logo features a strong and distinctive mascot, a rooster, which is commonly associated with morning and energy, potentially representing the brand's promise of a fresh and lively start to the day. Additionally, the bold and italicized typography adds a sense of dynamism and flair, making the brand name "Chicken Twist" memorable.



Nutritional Meal Supplement

Illustrative Logo Design

This logo is impactful due to its central image of a lion, which symbolizes strength and leadership, qualities that align well with a nutrition brand looking to convey the effectiveness of its products. The use of classic elements like the circular badge and the established date banner gives the brand a timeless and trustworthy appeal, suggesting a blend of tradition and reliability in their offerings.



Clothing Label

Illustrative Logo Design

This logo employs patriotic colors and symbols, such as the stars and the eagle, which resonate with a sense of national pride and appeal to an audience with strong patriotic values. The use of negative space to create the eagle’s silhouette within the letter "A" is a choice that makes the logo memorable and distinctive.



Washing Powder

Illustrative Logo Design

This logo makes use of a bright and colorful gradient that captures attention and conveys a sense of transformation and effectiveness, which is fitting for a product that promises to remove stains quickly. The sparkling effects suggests cleanliness and brilliance, reinforcing the product's main benefit and ensuring it stands out on shelves or in advertisements.

lion illustrative logo design top 6 agent orange design

Aegis Apex

Security Company

Illustrative Logo Design

The logo's robust, geometric lion symbolises strength and vigilance, embodying the protective ethos of a security company. The sharp angles and assertive design communicate a modern and formidable presence, reassuring clients of the company's capability to deter threats. Furthermore, the lion's intense blue eyes suggest a focused and perceptive approach, attributes essential for a firm dedicated to ensuring safety and trust.

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