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You have 6 seconds to make a first impression! Our goal is to deliver memorable and unique visual designs and branding solutions to every single one of our clients.
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Agent Orange Design stands at the forefront of innovative design solutions, specializing in crafting powerful product and retail packaging designs that not only captivate but also communicate the essence of your brand to the consumer. Our expertise extends to creating innovative packaging concepts that stand out on the shelves, engaging graphic design that speaks to the hearts of your audience, and the development of brands from the ground up, ensuring a cohesive and compelling brand identity from the first customer interaction.

Our approach to each project is deeply collaborative. We begin by engaging with our clients to gain a thorough understanding of their packaging needs. This involves a detailed discussion about what the packaging should communicate to the consumer and how it fits within the broader context of the company’s overall branding strategy. We are meticulous in ensuring that every aspect of the packaging design aligns with your brand’s identity, message, and values, creating a seamless consumer experience. Furthermore, our team is adept at navigating the constraints of budget and timeline parameters, ensuring that we deliver exceptional design solutions that meet your needs without compromising quality or exceeding your financial limits.

At Agent Orange Design, we pride ourselves on our ability to produce print-ready artwork tailored to your specific requirements. Whether you have existing relationships with printers or manufacturers or are in need of printing services for a minimum of 2,000 units, our team is equipped to facilitate this process. We have established connections with high-quality printers and can manage the printing process on your behalf, or alternatively, we are more than willing to collaborate with your chosen printer or manufacturer to ensure that the final product meets your expectations and our high standards.

Our portfolio of bespoke Packaging Designs is both diverse and expansive, catering to a wide range of industries and product types. Among the most frequently requested packaging solutions we provide are Cosmetic Boxes, which include packaging for skincare products, lotions, perfumes, and makeup. Our Retail Packaging Design services cater to fashion and accessory brands, including clothes, shoes, jewellery, and accessories. For household products, we offer Household Packaging Design for items such as washing powder, dishwashing liquid, and soaps. Additionally, we design Food Packaging Boxes and Beverage containers, including cans and bottles, as well as packaging for Toys and Entertainment products, which can range from boxes to bags and pouches.

Located in Johannesburg, Agent Orange Design is recognized as one of the leading companies specializing in brand identity and package design solutions. Our commitment to excellence, combined with our creative ingenuity, has positioned us as a key player in the industry, capable of delivering memorable and highly individual brands that consumers love and trust. We believe that great design is not just about aesthetics but about creating a connection between the brand and its audience, fostering loyalty and driving consumer engagement.

We invite you to get in touch with us to explore how we can collaborate to elevate your brand and create packaging designs that not only meet but exceed your expectations. Let’s work together to create something truly remarkable – memorable brands and packaging designs that resonate with consumers and stand the test of time. Join us in our mission to bring innovative design solutions to the market, and let’s make your brand the next success story.

A brand new packaging design awaits you.

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