We Supply Expert Professional Photography Services for all your Design Needs

If you want to stand up against competitors, stand out with your photos.

Quality design and professional images can make your website and your brand stick in the viewer’s mind. As a one-stop shop for everything creative, we provide top-quality photos on assignment for our corporate and business clients.

Our photographs can be used on websites, marketing materials, or for PR purposes, advertising, and annual reports. We shoot on location in Johannesburg and across South Africa. Our photographic services include Business and Corporate Portraiture, Board Photography, Personal Branding Headshots, Architectural Interiors and Exteriors, Advertising & Commercial Photography, PR/Public Relations, and Product and Processes Photography.

We have been a leading provider of photography for over 20 years. We are an intensely client-focussed business with a sharp creative eye. We keep records of our customer’s preferences. We make sure they get what they expect. And we follow up to see if there is anything we can do better.

Our Approach: Photography as Design

As a Creative Agency, we believe that the right photo can take a good design, and make it remarkable. The right photo can be the solution to the itching in the back of your brain that says: “Something’s just missing”. Part of our services includes a sharp focus on exactly the overall visual images each client wants to project. Once this is decided, we address the subject matter to
be photographed.

Annual Report Photography

An annual report provides a great opportunity to let those who are interested in your business or organisation hear more about the year that’s gone and perhaps your plans for the future. Photographing images for corporate annual reports is a job that requires leadership as well as the ability to translate an idea into an image. Just as an annual report is the most important representation a company sends to its shareholders, our photographers are the most important representatives we send to our clients.

By working with Agent Orange Design, you will enjoy the
benefits of having an art director merged with an experienced photographer – Which is why we know exactly what sort of images are needed for the annual report, reducing the margin for error. We know how to view a location and understand where the stories lie, what those stories say, and how to capture them in an image that will later be ideal in the creative process.

Based in Johannesburg, South Africa, we cover the entire country. We also work on assignments worldwide for multinational corporations with a South African presence.

Get in touch with us to discuss your corporate photographic and creative requirements!

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